Steve Shea

Certified Wildlife Biologist

Shea Wildlife

& Environmental Services, Inc.

Steve Shea currently provides wildlife management services on over 400,000 acres of private lands in the Southeast and Midwest. He also provides wildlife stewardship services on USDA National Forests in the Eastern United States.

Game & Fish


  • Management Plan Development
  • Habitat Management
  • Population Surveys & Monitoring
  • Agency Consultation & Permitting

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Protected Species

& Ecosystem Management

  • Habitat Management
  • Invasive Species Control
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Protected Species Monitoring
  • Permit Compliance Monitoring
  • Population Surveys & Monitoring
  • Mitigation Planning & Monitoring
  • Wetland Assessments & Determinations
  • Agency Consultation & Permit Acquisition

Steve Shea

Steve Shea is president of Shea Wildlife & Environmental Services Inc. which provides wildlife management services across the eastern United States. He has worked as a Certified Wildlife Biologist for over 30 years.

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