About Steve Shea

Steve has B.S and M.S. degrees in wildlife management, extensive experience in white-tailed deer research and management and written and published extensively on deer habitat and population management in the Southeast.

Steve is the Chairman of the Deer Committee for the Southeast Section of the Wildlife Society and Vice-chairman of the Southeast Deer Partnership. He also is an expert Team Member of BuckBook.com and President of Florida Hunters for the Hungry. He has been the recipient of numerous awards including the QDMA 2010 Deer Manager of the Year. His area of expertise is development and implementation of deer management plans, habitat management plans, camera and aerial population surveys and harvest management strategies.

Steve also has extensive experience managing waterfowl, wild turkey, quail, alligators, and other small game and protected species.

Steve Shea is an expert deer manager and has studied and managed white-tailed deer across the Southeast and Midwest. He has written and published extensively on deer management, especially in the Southeast. Considered a highly accomplished deer hunter and biologist, Steve brings both worlds together for landowners to optimize hunting opportunities and success on their property.