White-tailed Deer

Habitat & Population Management

Deer Expert

Management Plans, Population Assessments, Habitat and Hunting Enhancement

Recognized as a renowned white-tailed deer biologist and hunter.

Develops deer management plans aimed not only at enhancing habitat and population dynamics, but also maximizing harvest opportunities for mature bucks.

Exceptional experience studying and managing wildlife habitats on ranches, farms and timberlands in the Southeast and Midwest.

Develops and implements successful habitat prescriptions to improve herd heath, population levels, recruitment, antler size and harvest success.

Conducts camera and aerial surveys on over 200,000 acres annually.

Experience managing hunting lease programs on over 1,000,000 acres.

FWC PLDMP Permitting

Develop deer management plans and provide agency consultation and permit acquisition services for FWC Private Lands Deer Management Program. Shea Wildlife has enrolled and manages over 150,000 acres in this program.

Invasive Species & Predator Control

Provide consultation services for feral hog and predator control inclusive of agency consultation and steel trap permit acquisition.

Florida is

Cursed and Blessed

with Poor Quality Habitat


  • low body weight
  • poor antler development
  • low density/recruitment


  • overpopulation reduced
  • habitat damage reduced
  • deer depredation reduced

Camera & Aerial


Annual population analyses are critical in assessing deer population response to habitat and harvest management prescriptions. Camera surveys provide one of the most accurate methods for determining deer population density, sex ratio, recruitment rate, buck age structure and quality, identification of shooter and management bucks and estimation of antler scores.

Camera Surveys
Buck Age Structure
Shooter and Management Buck ID
Aerial Surveys
Recruitment Rate/ Sex Ratio
Breeding Chronology
Antler Score Estimation